Memories of a Lifetime

This summer has been amazing.  How can you top leaving for a two week European trip the day after receiving a statewide retail recognition award?  Hard to beat and having that special time with friends made it even better.  

It took a year to plan but Jon and I joined very good friends and co-workers, Mike and Susan on a trip to France in June.  It was a river boat cruise and two other couples we know from the running community came as well.  Every morning Jon and I left the boat for a run or walk in a different unbelievable place in history; Cadillac, Bourg, Bordeaux to name a few "towns."   Mike, Susan and Rose set out as well.  We were known as the "joggers" of the ship.  We were close to the youngest people on board too! 

A couple time Rose joined Jon and me on our run.  This is the good part!  I want to be Rose when I grow up!  Rose has more energy and can run longer and faster than me and she is going to be 70 years old this month!  She constantly impresses me. Rose works as a "race ambassador" for us doing registration and packet pickup.  You probably see her at the store on a regular basis. She also almost always places in her age group at the events and is a regular at our Wednesday night group runs at Track Shack. Rose met her hubby, Rich, years ago when they both were members of Orlando Runners Club.  Running is a small world.  

It was a fantastic trip!  The eight of us had such a great time and this week holds a special place in our hearts.  Memories of a lifetime with friends who met on the roads of Central Florida :)

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