European Bathroom Experience

Toilets are a luxury and I have looked past that fact for most of my life.

Publix, shopping centers, and parks all have bathrooms and they are free! Usually they are also clean- even the portalets we order for the events look inviting to me in the wee hours race mornings:)

Did I write, "wee hours?" Well, yes I did! Jon and I just returned from an amazing trip to France and Scotland and Scots do say "wee." We had a wonderful two weeks rejuvenating ourselves before the upcoming race season begins. However, bathrooms were our challenge. Everywhere we went we had to be sure to carry tp and the correct change in case of emergency. Runners certainly understand this potential dilemma!

I'll not forget how fortunate we are in the states to have the luxury of accessible toilets; and I'll never forget the fun Jon and I had in Europe this summer. See you in the roads!


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