What to Wear?

My mind is spinning with details. What to wear, what to pack, did I order July 4th 5k awards?  What time does Emma come, what time and what to make for our dinner for 10?  This is one crazy, but exciting week!  Thank goodness I have my running time to think through my days, to organize and mentally prepare for the week to come.

Track Shack and Jon and I, are being honored this week at a luncheon as Florida Retailer of the Year.  It is amazing to think back and remember our first few struggling years and now a running specialty store is in the retail limelight.  Wow! Jon and I continue to be awed by how running is truly mainstreamed.  But, the question remains: what to wear?  I'm certainly not wearing what I wear to work.  Shorts just won't cut it.  A dress, a skirt, pants?  Ugh!  How can I make my arms look thin?  But, before that big day, our daughter and son-in-law are coming into town and you know what that means!  Family dinner!  I think, maybe, a potato bar, salad, fruit?  Yes, that should be a hit.  We are so lucky because our dinners still include three generations, our children, my mom and Jon's parents: only that means I need to be creative with meals to keep all our tummys happy.  

And then, ta da...packing for our trip to France and Scotland!  Yes, this is a crazy, busy, fun week!  Oh yes and work too!  Off to do what we do best, keep you fit, on the road and healthy!  See you on the roads, planning my fun!  


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