Weekend Warrior

I have never been a weekend warrior. The weekends just meant a longer run than weekday runs.  But this morning, I think I know how one feels after doing two runs and an Orange Theory workout over the weekend!  It almost feels good to be a little sore:)  And boy, was it fun!

Natalie and I jogged through the Run For the Trees 5k course Saturday; jogging to visit with friends, do traffic control and be amazed at all the beautiful peacocks.  They were really showing off this year!  We posted a gorgeous shot on Facebook. They were just magnificent and it was all we could do but stop and stare, and "uhhh and awww!"

Sunday I ran from my mom's house on one of my favorite courses, down Mizell Drive and through the Rollins path over by Dinky Dock.  Jon and I remember the real Dinky Dock:)  I ended my run through Mead Garden, where it actually became a walk; there were so many birders, a log across the path and yes, trash.  UGH!  I picked up soda cans for 10 minutes; what it wrong with people?  

I finished my run just in time to eat and rest before our Track Shack team and Jon and I headed over to Orange Theory for our first workout there.  Oh my gosh!  How fun and hard!  Our trainer and coach, Dan, was amazing!  He helped us through an hour session by teaching and encouraging.  We ended doing a fun competition, pairing up, and although Jon and I didn't win; it was exhilarating! I had to sit and catch my breath!  Thanks Dan!  We'll be back!  

Well it is Monday now and time to recover; see you on the roads!  


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