Tutus, Tiarias, Wings and More

Tutus, tiaras, wings and more!  The Princess Half Marathon weekend had it all.  Even the weather was as fickle as we ladies can be!  But the pink, the hugs and camaraderie made this weekend extra special for all of us. 
I had the opportunity to be on a panel of women discussing nutrition, preparing for race day, even how to coordinate outfits with the colors that the many Disney princesses wear!  I am so glad there was never a test...I'm afraid that Cinderella and Snow White might be the only two I get right!  It took Jon a couple day to figure out the white snowman...from Frozen.  I'm not sure I can spell it but I can say it; "Olaf?"  I was just happy to be able to encourage and hopefully educate the ladies to have a great event.  Tara Gidus has many titles, one being the Disney Nutritionist and also my friend, so it was fun to do the panel with her. 
I have worked so many finish lines; everyone of them is unique and of course Princess Half is the most colorful of the year.  The costumes were so amazing and fun.  Some of the men wore great shirts like "my wife is my favorite princess!"
It is unbelievable to me that these women can wear so much makeup and still look great after 13.1 miles! 
Jon and I had a favorite princess Sunday, our daughter Emma :)  Emma and her hubby, Will ran together and had a blast!  Emma even sported her Lady Track Shack tutu!  I'm a little exhausted from hugging over 20,000 princesses yesterday, but it sure feels good to see so many of us on the roads!

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