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Orlando, FL
IOA Corporate 5k

Feeling Competitive?

Find out how your team finished against other companies in your industry! Not doing it for the Glory? Don't worry, the Team Scoring is optional. This is a great opportunity to stir up friendly competition and get company recognition. 

All teams that create scoring teams on by 11:59 pm on November 17 are recognized in the results. Results are broken down in each industry category by: Men's, Women's, Coed divisions.

Industry Category Awards

1st Place - Receive a team certificate and individual team member gifts
2nd & 3rd Place - Receive a team certificate



Advertising / PR / Media






Education (Private/Public) 

Non - Profit Organizations

Engineering / Architecture/Construction 

Real Estate 

Government Employees (City/County)


Government Employees (State/Federal)


Health Related/Hospital/Medical Supplies

Hotel/Restaurant/Food Service/Theme Parks

Awards Distribution

The top 3 teams in each industry category receive certificates. A member of each 1st place team can pick up the award at Track Shack starting on November 24th.


•  NEW IN 2020! Participants will use Real-Time Remote Racing through the Track Shack Tracking & Timing APP (RTRT) between 6:00 am on November 12 and 5:00 pm on November 15. Registered participants will receive an email to download the app and claim their account. Must be registered by noon on Wednesday, November 11 to use this functionality. 

•  Through the Track Shack Tracking & Timing APP (RTRT), participants will be able to track others while receiving real-time data. This technology will also allow runners and walkers to visually experience the actual IOA Corporate 5k course map.

•  Participants who want to be included in the official team results must use the Track Shack Tracking & Timing APP (RTRT).

•  To be included in the official team results, the Team Captain must create scoring teams on on November 16 and 17. The option to create your scoring team will appear in the Team Captain admin page after 11:00 pm on November 15th. The admin options are mobile friendly! 

Rules & Requirements  

• Any registered participant who is a full time employee and who works for the company / organization for a minimum of 32 hours per week and employed with organization for at least 3 months is eligible for scoring. 
• A CEO/Entrepreneur (An entrepreneur has 3 or less full time employees) is eligible for scoring.
• Minimum number of participants required for team scoring: 

Men’s Team = 4 full time male employees

Women’s Team = 4 full time female employees

Coed Team = 2 full time male employees and 2 full time women employees

• Team Scores must be submitted by 11:59 pm on November 17
• A participant may only be placed on one scoring team.
• A company may submit multiple teams, i.e. IOA Women's A team, IOA Women's B Team, etc. Submit as many teams as possible and get recognized in the results!
• Upon verification, if the race committee finds discrepancies with your company team, the entire company team will be disqualified.

Team Captain Instructions

• Login to on November 16 or 17
• Click on Team
• Create scoring teams by dragging individuals to a team (men, women or coed).
• Submit team scores!
• Results will be available on on November 18

2019 Overall Finishers

Overall Female

Erica Weitz

Track Shack Fitness Club


Overall Male

Jonathan Mott



Female CEO

Jill Traver

In Motion Physical Therapy


Male CEO

Aleksandr Murga

World TransSport Corp.


2019 Results 

2018 Results

2017 Results

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