OUC Orlando Half Marathon & Barney Butter Lake Eola 5k




7:15 AM

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Orlando, FL
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OUC Orlando Half Marathon & Barney Butter Lake Eola 5k

Are you looking to cheer on your friends and loved ones as they run 13.1? MAKE A PLAN and make it easy for them to spot you cheering them on! 

Spectator and Cheer Location

Before Mile 1: East Central Blvd. and Orange Ave.

Mile 1.5: Delaney Ave. and Gore St. near the first water stop. Enjoy Entertainment by the Salted Vine band.

After the 5k Split: Around beautiful Lake Davis. Grab breakfast nearby at 903 Mills Market!

Mile 10: Livingston St. and North Primrose Dr. (Festival Park)

Mile 11: E. Central Blvd. and Hampton Ave near the 8th water stop.

Finish Line. Celebrate your runner at the Lakeside Party.

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Spectator Tips

Follow these tips and you won’t miss a single step of your runners’ race! DON’T KNOW ANYONE RUNNING? We have some tips for you too!

1. YOUR CHEERING LOCATION should be planned ahead of time so your runner can spot you on the course!

2. WEAR BRIGHT COLORS and tell your friends what you’ll be wearing so they can spot you.

3. HOMEMADE SIGNS are so inspiring. Funny is also good. A sign with your runners’ name works every time.

 if your runner hasn’t passed in the expected amount of time. They make take longer than expected.

5. DRESS COMFORTABLY. Check the weather and plan accordingly. Rain, shine, warm, or cold, the race will still go on!

6. CHEER as loud as you can! Runners feed off the energy that the crowd generates.

7. PERSONALIZE YOUR CHEERS Yell out runners’ names on their bibs or t-shirts.

8. CHEER ON EVERYONE! You may be giving encouragement to someone who needs it to keep going!

Estimate your runners location and have enough time to get from one location to the next if you are viewing from multiple locations. Runner tracking >>

10. POSITIVE CHEERING helps runners finish! Never tell a runner they’re almost done when they are not.

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