Heightened Security at Lake Eola

We are shocked and saddened by the devastating events at the Boston Marathon. Our hearts and thoughts go out to those affected.

The IOA Corporate 5k is on as scheduled for Thursday evening, April 18 at Lake Eola.
We will have 67 Orlando Police officers at Lake Eola Park and along the route and supported by approximately 130 course volunteers. 

Success tips for race night amid heightened security conditions at Lake Eola:

  • Travel light to the event
  • Don’t bring anything you don’t need
  • Expect delays for checking of coolers, back packs and large bags
  • If you see something, say something!

Additional News Coverage of Boston Marathon

Track Shack’s Jon Hughes watched Boston Marathon blasts unfold from hotel window; Orlando Business Journal, By Anjali Fluker
April 16, 2013

About 40 minutes after Jon Hughes had finished the Boston Marathon, met up with his wife and went back to his hotel room, he heard and felt the first blast.

Hughes, owner of Orlando-based Track Shack, and his wife, Betsy, were in their hotel room about a block away when the noise of the first bomb at the finish line just before 3 p.m. on April 15 rattled their windows and shook the ground.

Central Floridians shocked, vigilant after Boston bombings; CFNews 13
By Maragaret Kavanagh and Bakari Savage, Team Coverage,
April 16, 2013

Eyes glued to the television all day at the Track Shack in Orlando. Nathan Adams and his co-workers watched the horrific images coming out of Boston.

The owners of the Track Shack and 50 other people from Central Florida were up in Boston for the marathon. Adams was worried as he watched the news unfold. At times, it was difficult to reach them because cell phones were not working.  

Adams himself was supposed to compete this year, but he’s getting married on Sunday and couldn’t go. In years past, he’s been both a competitor and spectator.

“I knew the area and I knew how tight and crowded it is, so I was just scared for all the people up there,” Adams said.

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