Adidas Customer of the Month - May: Share a photo of a healthy meal or snack you love

Tell us about your experiences! That's all it takes to be the Adidas Customer of the Month. 

Each month we ask you a different question and if your answer is chosen you'll be highlighted in the monthly email and win a pair of shoes from Adidas!

May Topic:

Share a photo of a healthy meal or snack you love. Share the photo on Facebook for a chance to be May’s Customer of the Month! Deadline: April 21

April Topic and Winner:

Outside of running, how do you cross train? Betsy spins at TV Fitness, Jon does pilates at Pilates Loft.

Winner:  Patrice McFadin
"Cross Train Activity: Energy medicine routines!
Energy medicine is the practice of manipulating your body's energies to support your health and happiness. Energy that becomes blocked or stuck can create disease and depression. Energy medicine encompasses nine different systems within your body that include meridians, chakras, radiant circuits and more!  One routine called the daily energy routine is a simple 5 minute exercise that trains your bodies energies to move forward and stay on track to support your health every day. I do that and I trace my meridians daily to stay healthy."

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