Adidas Customer of the Month - April: How do you cross train?

Tell us about your experiences! That's all it takes to be the Adidas Customer of the Month. 

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April Topic:

Outside of running, how do you cross train? Betsy spins at TV Fitness, Jon does pilates at Pilates Loft. Share your cross training activity on Facebook for a chance to be April’s Customer of the Month!

March Topic and Winner:

Share a link on Facebook to your favorite core exercise. 

Winner:  Yvonne Marchione: My favorite core exercise is the bridge... you can do it anywhere, it helps with balance and stabilization and it's easier to hold for an extended amount of time. The BRIDGE

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Annie Lolagne
[Orlando FL] • Monday March 4, 2013, 8:47 pm

Thank you Track Shack!