Looking Out

Hear ye, Hear ye!  All my fellow runners and walkers of Central Florida!  I was almost hit by a customer today while running in broad daylight!  Scary stuff!  I am a very cautious runner.  I tend to use sidewalks when possible and I always remember the golden rule; cars are bigger than me!  Unfortunately most of us are often rushing to get somewhere and don't double check at stop signs and red lights for pedestrians.  And that is exactly what happened this morning.  Let's be good examples to the rest of the community, don't pull up over the cross walk and please double check before turning and going forward.  We need to "look" out for one another :)

Have you noticed the oak leaves are falling?  That means for many of us it is allergy season once again.  So here are some hints to keep your runs a little more fun in the spring.  1.  If you wear contacts, wear sunglasses as well.  Our Tifosi line of glasses often come with a clear lens for just that purpose.  2.  Leave your shoes and socks on the porch or in the garage and take them off before you walk into your home.  Oak is hiding on both and although I don't want you to wash your shoes, do wash your socks.  3.  Try your very hardest not to wipe your eyes with your sleeve or hand.  The oak and sweat combo is not nice!  Oh, the burn! 

See you on the roads!


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