Local Moms Inspire a Love of Running!

The family that runs together, shares fun together, so we asked a few moms what inspired them to run and how they share that gift with their families. 

Our moms include Toni Lim and her children, Selena, 6 and Aliyah, 3; Susan Gregory: her adult daughters, Kim and Kerrie.  Kerrie works at Track Shack and is our local Galloway Program Coordinator; Charlotte Moye: children Jim and Christine plus her grandchildren, Trent, 5 and Sloane, 1 year old.

1. Start small and set reasonable goals           

Toni shared with us that she started running last February to lose weight.   “I started running the length of one house and feeling like I was going to die, little by little, I ran longer, just one house at a time.  I learned to love the challenge of pushing myself.  My biggest accomplishment is running the entire Winter Park Road Race 10k without stopping.  I’m proud of myself and I’ve found that running is kind of addicting.”

Charlotte and her family have participated in many Track Shack races since the early 2000s.  “Even though my two children were very active in sports early on, I was not.  When my children started competing in longer events, I wanted to be a part of that.  They inspired me to push myself to walk in longer races.  It’s not on my list to complete a marathon as they have. However, I’m the one now asking, ‘what’s next?’ or Are you with me, I’m signing up to be a Super Fanatic?’"

2. Keep it Fun!

Fun is Toni’s family focus.  “We keep it fun and love doing things as a family and now my husband Rey has started running and walking.  Selena does Taekwondo and running club at school and Aliyah does gymnastics. This is all so new compared to the old Toni!”

Susan said “Kerrie and I have done more races together that I can count!” Kerrie responded,  “my favorite running moment was running the Lady Track Shack 5k together when it was still at Mead Garden.”

3. Make it a family affair

Susan’s family recently traveled to Paris and ran 4.5 miles together along the Seine. 

Charlotte’s favorite race memory was in 2016 when she set a half marathon goal.  “I planned for a mother/daughter race weekend but my son didn’t want to miss the opportunity to run together.  The moment we crossed the finish line holding hands was priceless.”

4. Leaving a lasting impact…

Toni Lim: “I want my kids to look up to me and be proud I’m achieving my goals.  Start slow, one step at a time…don’t be afraid, take it one second at a time.  Remember, your kids are always watching you.”

Thanks, mom!

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