Staff Shoe Review – Brooks Launch 6

By Shane Huckeba, Shoe Expert at Track Shack and Former Collegiate Athlete

What is up everyone? I hope all of you are logging those resolution miles and everything is going well. We are continuing the shoe review trend and stepping into Brooks this time. Specifically, the new Brooks Launch 6. When it comes to run specialty, Brooks has become one of the top dogs. As one of the bestselling brands in the nation, one could expect their products to speak for themselves. The Launch is really no exception to this and this iteration looks to carry on its predecessor’s legacy. 

After diving into what makes this shoe different from the previous model, I ran into a little hiccup. Something that I believe most people hope for when it comes to their shoe updating—it is not that different. I have ran a number of times in the Launch 5 and it was a shoe I liked but not loved. I was looking for a few changes to the shoe and it seems like Brooks delivered without altering it too much. There has definitely been some innovation in this shoe, but it should feel very familiar to those who have worn it in the past. It is a little refreshing to see, it seems lately shoe companies have been a little more heavy handed when updating footwear. If you wore and enjoyed the Launch 5 you will almost certainly enjoy this one too. But let’s get a little more studious and get into the details of the Launch for the folks that may not know too much about it. 

The Launch is a part of Brooks Energize series. They use a special midsole foam designed to give you cushion springy that pushes you forward. The propulsion it gives is where the name comes from, I know, creative. To get dorky, this midsole foam is called BioMoGo DNA. One of the changes they did make to the Launch was the amount of the BioMoGo they used in the midsole. There is a little more cushion pumped into the forefoot of the shoes which is one of the places I thought the 5 lacked. The upper mesh is still very breathable and light. It seems a little more flexible than the last model which was my one other hang-up on the Launch 5. The overall structure of the shoe is the same; even the weight of the shoe is the same. As far as sizing goes the Launch 6 actually runs pretty true to size if not a touch long, and it is available in a wider width for those who need it. 

So who is this shoe for? It’s a hard question to answer because this shoe is so versatile, but I’ll give it a go. If you want a shoe for a lower price point without sacrificing quality the Launch is the way to go. If the new Brooks Ghost seems a little too soft for you, you should try the Launch. If you want a lightweight yet cushioned half/full marathon shoe, try the Launch. If you are looking for a shoe to do workouts on the track in, you guessed it, try the Launch. Finally, if you have ever worn the Launch before and enjoyed it, try the new Brooks Launch 6. It’s worth at least putting on your feet, after that the product has to speak for itself, but as always if you come into Track Shack we can help you into this shoe or something similar.

Keep strong with those resolutions and start logging those miles! Let us know below what you think about the Brooks Launch 6.

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