Track Shack and OUC–The Reliable One are Teaming Up with the Council for Responsible Sport to be Champions for a Healthier World

Florida’s First Certified Sustainable Race Goes for Gold in 2018

Track Shack Events received Silver certification by the Council for Responsible Sport, an Oregon-based non-profit promoting sustainability in sports, for the 2016 OUC Orlando Half Marathon and Lake Eola 5k. We are hoping to achieve the Gold standard at this year’s event and are applying for recertification.
Read about Sustainability Matters.

It’s exciting to join other popular running events that have received certification by the Council for Responsible Sport.  Together with Bank of America Chicago Marathon, and Flying Pig Marathon, we are rallying our partners and participants who are passionate about having a clean environment to run in now and in future generations.

The OUC Orlando Half Marathon is Orlando’s HOMETOWN HALF and together with local partners including OUC – The Reliable One, Publix, Compost Orlando and Keep Orlando Beautiful we are taking steps to preserve our environment...

• A massive effort of recycling and waste diversion by purchasing recycled polyester material shirts for the event, repurposing running shoes, recycling cardboard and plastics used in shipping.

• Serving clean, great-tasting H2OUC. Pouring water straight from hydrants along the route eliminates the need for 2,700 plastic jugs that would otherwise be sent to landfill. 

• Capturing more than 250 lbs. of compostable food on race day and returning that organic material to community gardens.

We need your help!  To help  our  event  reduce  impacts, be  healthier, build  up  our  community,  join  us  in  being  Champions  for  a  Healthier  World…

• Know recycling rules for your municipality and what goes where!

City of Orlando

Orange County 

City of Winter Park

• Visit our Community Matters area on race day – an interactive space designed to educate participants and spectators about living, working, and running with a healthy, sustainable mindset. 

• Keep  an  eye  out  for  signs  showing  where  and  how  to  properly  dispose  your  trash  and  recyclables.  Even better, think about the ways you generate trash and think about ways you might eliminate them. Follow this practice at Track Shack events and other community events.

• Consider riding the  bus  or  a  bike  to  the  event  instead  of  driving or if you plan to travel  by  car,  consider inviting others to share the ride.

What sustainability innovations have you seen at other races that we should implement here? 

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