Vertical Jump Test

The vertical jump test is designed to measure your explosive leg power. Use of counter-movements of the legs and arm swings prior to take off will maximize the jump height. Both movements in combination with one another increase the body’s center of mass to rise improving the jump height by as much at 12%.

At U Can Finish on Oct 19, Florida Hospital will provide vertical jump assessments.

See how you compare to some of the best athletes in the world:



Vertical Leap

Football (NFL)   

Randy Moss

51” (130 cm)

Volleyball (Men’s National Team)     

Leonel Marshall 

50” (127 cm)

Basketball (NBA)       

Michael Jordan

48” (122 cm)


Bryan Clay

43.5” (111 cm)

Baseball (MLB)    

Jacoby Ellsbury  

38.5” (98 cm)

Hockey (NHL)       

Chris Calnan

32.5” (83 cm)

Basketball (NBA)     

Larry Bird

28” (71 cm)

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