Platinum Creative Holds a Virtual Run in the Spirit of the IOA Corporate 5k

The IOA Corporate 5k was originally scheduled for Thursday, April 9th. Companies had been planning and preparing for months until the event was rescheduled due to the coronavirus. It’s encouraging to see how different companies are joining together to still celebrate the occasion. Platinum Creative from Full Sail University is planning to run or walk virtually then meet up for a virtual Happy Hour afterward! We asked Team Captain Amanda Radziercz (2018 Work Place Wellness Winner) about how she is motivating her team to stay active during the quarantine.

Q: Why do you think it is important for you and your co-workers to stay active during this time?
A: It’s important for all of us to stay active because I find when I move my body, it always makes me feel good afterwards. I think everyone can benefit from those positive endorphins right now.

Q: How long has your team participated in IOA Corporate 5k?
A: We have been participating in the Corporate 5K for nine years! I’ve been a part of it every year, except the year I had my second son, but I still went and celebrated at happy hour with my team.   

Q: How did you come up with the idea for a virtual run?
A: As I was on my run the other day, I thought about how we aren’t able to run together for the Corporate 5k this year and that made me sad. Then I thought about how my son just did the Smile Mile virtually, and thought, why can’t we do that too?! So, I got the okay from my manager and posted about it on our Slack channel. We’ve been doing virtual Zoom meetings as well, so I thought we could combine a virtual 5k with a virtual happy hour to still have a sense of camaraderie and team building.

Amanda share’s her invitation to do Corporate 5k virtually: 

Platinum Spirit 5k and Virtual Happy Hour is happening next Thursday, April 9th!
While we can’t run together like we planned for the Corporate 5k, we can get together virtually after completing a 5k (3.1 miles) of your choice! You could walk, run, or bike in your neighborhood or do it on a machine. Participation is optional but the endorphins will make you feel great! Get your loved ones involved too! Kids, dogs, cats, Eddie — whoever!
Let’s all leave work at 3:30 pm, get in our miles (whenever, really). Be sure to take some photos. Join the Zoom Happy Hour at 5 pm and add a picture as your background. 
Obviously, this is all in good fun and totally optional but a fun, stress relieving activity. I use the Nike Run Club app if you’re looking for a way to track miles. 

Sincere thanks to Amanda Radziercz and all the IOA Corporate 5k team captains who are keeping their co-workers inspired during this unusual season. Although we won’t be able to come together this Thursday, April 9 to celebrate at the IOA Corporate 5k, we encourage you to wear a corporate 5k shirt that day and do your 3.1 miles on your own. Run, walk, bike. Take pics and post them! Tag us and your coworkers on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter:

Instagram: @IOA_Corporate_5k and @orlandotrackshack 
Facebook: ioacorporate5korlando
Twitter: @trackshack

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