What is CEP Compression Wear?

By Sean Obinwa, Shoe Expert at Track Shack and Former Collegiate Elite Athlete

Have you ever seen those long socks that people wear at races or the airport and wonder what they are used for or what they are even called? Or why people would even wear long socks on a hot day? They are called compression socks and they are becoming a growing trend for runners who want to help their legs recover faster.
One German brand in particular is known worldwide for their high quality compression wear. 

Who is CEP Mr. Trebek?

That is correct; CEP is a German company that produces top quality compression wear for multiple sports. Many of their products even qualify for a medical level grade. 

The socks and sleeves CEP makes are meant for increasing blood flow to specific target zones. When you put on the garments, your arteries and blood vessels expand from the progressive tight fit. By opening the vessels and arteries, blood rushes in to help flush out the waste and bring in fresh blood from the heart. 

This waste is a byproduct your body produces called metabolic waste. It takes time for your body to break it down and filter it out through your lymphatic system.

So how do these tall, tight socks help with this? Think back to your last really hard run. Do you remember how sore you felt the next day, maybe even the same day depending on when you ran? With the added assistance of compression socks you can shorten the time of your recovery, and depending on the product you can wear them throughout the day to help your body feel fresher. Or even during activity to help prevent the waste from accumulating.

These socks have other uses as well, they can help with easing shin splints, bringing down swelling, or improving circulation for varicose veins to name a few.

The socks can be tricky to put on at first but with some assistance and a couple of tricks you will be recovering much faster from your physical activity and feeling much better! The sleeves and socks come in different colors and sizes, so you will need to be measured. Come into the store today and try on some CEP compression. Your legs will thank you!

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