Sponsor Spotlight: Chris Sadowski of Wieland

by Chris Sadowski

My efforts are focusing on spreading awareness and raising money for the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida. This organization carries an immense load by providing thousands of meals every day to needy people in the central Florida area. Their high caliber organization combines both employees and also willing volunteers into a cohesive unit that  promotes and upholds their mission statement of 'creating hope and nourishing lives through a powerful hunger relief network, while multiplying the generosity of a caring community'.

Over the next several weeks, I will be training for and then doing two (2) very difficult races on the same weekend in July. I have done both the Swiss Alpine Marathon and also the Swiss Ironman with a five-day separation, but now, I will do it with a 12-hour separation. Throughout this process I will be forced to monitor caloric intake continuously and deal with the constant reminder of my system in perpetual hunger on a daily basis. However, my pain pales in comparison to those that Second Harvest Food Bank helps on a daily basis. 

To add a little twist to my effort, I will be doing the Swiss Ironman bike segment on a Cannondale Hooligan Urban Bike. This 20" wheel bike is very responsive and compact, and perfect for couriers and distributors doing quick item drop-off's in large manufacturing/distribution warehouses, like Second Harvest Food Bank. However, it's not the preferred machine for a long race, like an Ironman segment, but it is robust enough to prove its versatility from traversing an urban atmosphere to then competing as an open road annihilator. I am also fundraising to donate a Cannondale Hooligan Urban Bike to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida so that they can perform their early morning deliveries and their late afternoon verifications with speedy precision on a bike capable of taking the harshest punishment.

I am volunteering at Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida ( http://www.feedhopenow.org ) every week for twenty weeks. During my shift, I work as hard as a I can to make the biggest impact. And it always amazes me how nice and optimistic everyone is. It is one of those places where I leave there feeling much better than when I came in. Currently, their operating costs are around 3% of what they take in. All proceeds from this site will go directly to Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida. This fundraising effort starts now and will continue for a period of twenty four weeks, to include eight weeks after these races, until September 30th. On or
around that date, a final push will be made at the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida facility where I race any takers, as long as they are on a 20" wheel bike. This fundraising race will consist of segments inside and outside of the facility, with some running legs thrown in for variety. Intermediate sprints and final finish times will determine, via points, whom the victor is, with all proceeds from this event going to Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida.

I am a firm believer in promoting what you believe in. I was privy to an initial tour of the Second Harvest Food Bank during a IOA Corporate 5K team captain event on January 17th. Listening to Sasha explain what they do and why they do it almost brought me to tears. I decided on that day that this organization would be the one that I help. It took me a while to get my act together, but I checked the boxes by gaining approval to use my Cannondale Hooligan Urban Bike in an Ironman event. I then tested the bike out at the Lake Nona Tour de Cure 101-mile ride event.

And finally, I signed up for both races with a valid plan, I secured the experienced coach Sean Hendryx, and we began lining out the training to prepare for and also finish the weekend in July without both a physical and mental breakdown. I've also been in touch with Defeet socks to create a specialty Woolie Boolie with my official logo on it. The first fifty (50) people to donate $250 or more will get a pair of these socks. Both Cannondale and Defeet not only make high quality products, but they have also supported me immensely over the years. I am also offering a guarantee that I will complete both races to my utmost ability or I will reimburse everyone for what they have donated. I am a very stubborn guy and have proven myself over the years to rarely give up. Unless I succumb to a medically disastrous event, I will finish both of these races, in a professional manner, to the best of my ability, or every dollar will be returned. 

I will continue to update this page and you can always follow me via 'combo2feed' on Instagram. Please donate and spread the word of how better to help our local communities by curbing starvation thru involvement and then by also increasing the awareness of how to reduce the amount of food that is wasted. Our neighborhoods and cities will be a better place if we can have the same vision as Second Harvest Food Bank by 'inspiring and engaging our community to end hunger'.

Help spread the word!

Chris Sadowski

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