Celebrating 20 Years

By Anthony O'Neill, Track Shack Store Manager

Yesterday I celebrated my 20th year working at Track Shack. By my loose calculations I have sold well in excess of 35,000 pairs of shoes myself in that time. I feel I have a keen insight into what shoe will be best for a person. You know where I got that insight, from the people I help. Really listening to people and observing them tells us so much. 

I have been fortunate to help such a wide variety of people it is amazing. At any moment we could have an 8 year old getting their first pair of shoes to an 88 year old who needs a pair to feel more steady in. One thing I have learned is that despite how different people may be it always works to treat them with care and respect.

A lot is said about doing what you love to do, what you have a passion for. I would say I have both of those things but also something else, instinct. I try to do things every day that feel a part of me. Act and react in a way you know, almost without thinking. Trust what you do is right. Go for it.
This whole blog was going to be about my son, A.J. and how he found his love for running. It is beautiful to think about but I fear very long for this forum. Perhaps next time.

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