Happy Birthday Natalie!

Just a little more than 28 years ago, Jon and I hired a young lady named Natalie to work for us.  I had just had our first baby and Emma came to all the events with us in the stroller and later on, the baby jogger.  We didn't yet know how to delegate responsibilies... Jon and I did everything ourselves back then.  I remember asking Natalie to push Emma's stroller around the track at Showalter during the first event  she worked with us.  

Now, all these many years later, Natalie has expanded her role with Track Shack Events and thankfully so!  Her many responsibilities have changed with the times and she is a big part of our successes.  Today is Natalie's birthday and we are all happy to celebrate her life with her...a week ago, a smoke detector in her home save her life and her two children.  Their kitty cat didn't make it out and their dogs did.  Her husband, Mark, was at work when Natalie called him just after midnight to say the house was in flames.  Little by little they will rebuild their house...and today we'll celebrate Natalie.  

Happy Birthday, Natalie! And, to each of you reading this, make sure your smoke detectors are in working order!  

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