El Bloc 

By Anthony O'Neill, Track Shack Store Manager

This being my first blog I decided to do some research before I wrote it.  Come to find out the word blog comes from a shortening of the word weblog.  Some  theft  there as the word log has stolen the letter b from web.  As for the title, it is Catalan for blog. Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and is the home home of the best soccer team in the world.  Now on to the subject at hand, running shoes.

At Track Shack we pride ourselves on customer service, an important part of which is shoe fitting. As we analyze a persons  foot we notice many things, the first of which is the shape of the foot. This will prove invaluable in determining the proper shoe.  Why? Simply put,  the fit is the most important thing in fitting a running shoe, and the fit is determined by the shape of the foot and the shape of the shoe being as similar as is possible.  

If the shapes are a good match the shoe will feel comfortable, the most obvious requirement for wearing them. Then  too will the foot and shoe work together to cushion and support the foot through each footstrike.  A good shape fit leads to less problems such as blisters and black toenails so you can enjoy your running more than ever. 

See you at the shoe wall!

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